Sober Companions

Sober Companion

Therapeutic Recovery Companions

Find a trained sober companion to guide you through the early days of recovery.  A trained recovery escort will guide you through the everyday experience of being clean and sober. Whether you need someone to accompany you in your daily activities, need support through difficult days or experiences, or want to help ensure your sobriety, the Vitality Group is here to support you.

What is a Sober Companion?

A sober companion works one-on-one with you to help you create the foundations for a healthy and sustainable recovery. By supporting your mental health and keeping you drug free, a therapeutic recovery companion is a powerful way to find recovery from substance abuse.

We work with individuals who need support, especially during early recovery. A companion acts as a guide through the daily activities you need to accomplish. From helping with cleanliness to encouraging participation in a recovery program, we are with you as you start your journey to recovery from addiction.

Your companion may work with you client for a few weeks or a few days, depending on the situation. The goal of sober companionship is to help encourage a lasting recovery, the building of healthy habits, and useful coping mechanisms that don’t involve the use of mind altering substances.

How Can Therapeutic Companions Help?

A sober companion can help you with many of the issues you face in early recovery. Overcoming addiction can be difficult, and a trained professional will be present with you as you face the difficulties and build a new life for yourself.

Relapse Prevention

Cultivate healthy coping mechanisms and build resiliency in your recovery.

Identify Risks

Investigate difficulties, problem areas, and places where there is room for growth.

Create Plans

Don’t just set intentions; create plans and take action to move toward your goals.

Find Balance

Balance work, relaxation, self-care, and the chaos of everyday living.

Build New Habits

Learn how to create healthy habits that encourage a clear and supportive mind.

Find Support

Get the personalized support you need. With a sober coach, you are never alone.

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One on One Support

Get undivided attention and support from you own personal mentor and coach with one-on-one sessions.


Personalized Care

Don't receive generic advice. A personal sober coach will work with your individual experience and needs to help you grow.


Years of Experience

Our sober coaches have extensive training, and bring years of expertise to each interaction.


In Person or Online

Meet with your sober coach in person or via video chat regularly.

Find Your Sober Companion

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About Our Sober Companions

Every team member with the Vitality Group has undergone specific training for working with those recovering from addiction. Nationally certified, your recovery coach and sober companion will bring years of experience working with recovering addicts, personal experience of dealing with addiction, and the latest in treatment methods and techniques.

You can learn more about our sober companions by scheduling a consultation so we can match you with the sober coach who will best be able to meet your needs. We can also connect you with a qualified mindfulness coach.

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