About Us

Who We Are

The Vitality Group is a small team of dedicated individuals with varying skillsets. We have certified sober coaches, certified intervention professionals, sober companions, and recovery advocates. With years of experience in personal recovery and working in the addiction treatment industry, we bring expertise and understanding to our work each and every day.

What We Do

We meet individuals and families exactly where they are. Whether you have someone in your life who isn’t ready to get help, or you are newly sober and need a little extra support, we are here with you. With recovery coaches, sober companions, and trained interventionists, we have the experience and ability to be with you through the whole journey.

We meet with individuals and families across the country to help people find a sustainable and lasting recovery. Whether it is an in-person recovery coaching session, video chat coaching, or an intervention, we make it our priority to show up for you 100%.